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project time: 1 hour once all the parts have been gathered.

you can find these items locally, cheaper or may already have them.
this parts list is to give one an idea of what was used from one source.
prices listed are just for reference at the time.

quick list of parts:

  • 5/8" x 2" qnty of 2 cold roll steel bar source: mcmaster-carr 9143K181 $5.28
  • 3/8" x 10" and 3/8" x 5" 2 cold roll steel rods source: mcmaster-carr 8920K13 $7.78
  • 1/4" x 3/8" knurled knobs source: mcmaster-carr 92421A537 $9.28
  • 1/4 - 20 tap source: mcmaster-carr 8332A22 $6.35
    I tend to break these small taps, you might want more than one.
  • tap handle source: mcmaster-carr 25605A75 $15.98
  • #7 drill for knurled knobs/ 1/4 - 20 tap source: mcmaster-carr 2901A178 $2.27
  • 3/8" drill for steel rod source: mcmaster-carr 2901A133 $6.08
  • sandpaper used to smoth/polish cut edges (aluminum oxide cloth backing) source: mcmaster-carr 4671A36 $10.59
  • countersink used for rod holes to deburr them source: mcmaster-carr 3098A45 $12.48
  • handle (optional for long rod) source: mcmaster-carr 6127A38 $4.93
  • jbweld (optional if handle is used) source: mcmaster-carr 7605A11 $5.91

tip: clamp and drill the 3/8" rod hole through both blocks at the same time, this way if you are slightly off on being 90degrees, the two faces will still be parallel. Thus the need for the registration mark so if you every take the blocks off the rod, one can easily put them back on and the faces will be parallel.

the blocks are 2" long.
the 3/8" rod hole is 9/16" from the end, care should be taken as the knurled knobs are only 1/2" long and must reach the 3/8" rod to tighten.

finished go nogo gauge, short bar and long bar jwelded into a handle


registration mark



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