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The game of Go


  • play online against a computer or human.
  • there are two board dimensions
    • Japanese - 22mm wide x 23.7mm between players - this compensates for illusion width vs depth issue.
    • Chinese - 22mm square grid.
  • both have:
    • 1 mm line width.
    • 4 mm Star point marker diameter.
  • std board or goban is 19x19.
  • beginner is 9x9, allows for quick games.
  • 13 x 13 is another popular size.
  • better boards are thicker and show natural tree grain.
  • some boards are tuned/hollowed out to give nice sound when stone is placed.
  • std stones are 21.5-22mm.
    • double convex is std in Japanese.
    • single conves is std in Chinese.
    • 8mm is avg thickness for double convex stones.
    • the thicker the stone the more opulant.
    • shells and slate are very expensive.
    • glass is an affordable option.
    • korean glass biconvex 11mm $125 delivered from germany.
  • cheap stones from 'glass gems' used in flower vases, they come in colors $4/100 or so.

notes on printing "the way to go" by karl baker in booklet form

you can download my converted booklet
'booklet form' meaning all the pages can be stacked then folded in half and stapled in the center to form a 'booklet'.

got this stapler to make the stapling easier.
Sparco Long Reach Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Standard Staples, Putty/Black (SPR01316) ~$11

wanted to learn 'Go' I came across a free booklet for beginners at the 'American Go Association' website:
"The Way to Go" by Karl Baker

the 'print' version of the pdf wasn't made for a true booklet format where all the pages are printed 2up, double sided, then folded and stapled along the spine. So I made my own from the 'ebook' version. ebook pdf is what I used:

installed pdfbook2:
sudo apt-get install texlive-extra-utils

first page/cover is tool large, shrinking the other pages when scaled. used:
to scale that first/cover page
left 50%
right 0.0%
top 35%
bottom 15%
saved to new pdf as: W2Go4E-book-cropped-1st-page.pdf
this allows pdfbook2 to fill the booklet pages making it a little easier to read.

then used cmdline
pdfbook2 -s --paper=letter --resolution=300 --no-crop ~/temp/W2Go4E-book-cropped-1st-page.pdf

sent to printer with:
two-sided short edge
fit to printable area
auto rotate and center
normal print quality
black only printing
to test I printed pages 1-8 ... which is 2 double sided pages

top level subjects:

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