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spotting scope works ok up to about 300yds or so ... but even at that range it's hard, to impossible, to see holes in paper targets.
the thought was to come up with a remote camera/transmitter that would take a close up video of the target and transmit it back to the range bench.


  • cheap. <$400
  • battery operated >6 hours
  • range 1000m+
  • 2 suitcases for ease of transportation

on the first couple of range trips, it seems to work.

parts list

I used these cases from harbor freight 18" x 13" x 6" Aluminum Case and I think they were too large ... maybe something closer to half that size.

I found some of the above items for less by shopping them around.
The price came in for about $455.
It took about 5 hours to put everything together and test.
the image is very nice, with no interference out to 400 meters.
I haven't tested it farther yet, but don't think there will be an issue out to 1000+ meters.
The 1000mw transmitter and directional attenna listed above is stated to be good out to 1 mile, it would be interesting to try.
The frequency 2.4Ghz is line of sight between tx and rx.
The signal is so strong I can point the reciever's directional antenna in the wrong direction and it still picks up a clean image.
one day the tx antenna blew over and was facing the ground, I wondered why the rx antenna had to be pointed at the tx, which it never had too before ... the received image was very clear even with no real tx antenna that day <grin>.
The camera's zoom is nice to frame the target no matter how far away the transmitter/unit is.
Using a white board marker I can circle the shots on the receiver's lcd screen, making it easier to see new shots.

there is a downside that some one might shoot the transmitter, but so far it hasn't happen.

in use on bench w/ eliseo rtm

receiver case

lcd screen of target 400 meters away

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