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"hello world" test of the nokia 6610 shield"

this is a simple test of the nokia 6610 shield from nuelectronics.

Had to update my arduino ide to v17 and the sub system [more]
installed this library for the nokia from nuelectronics.

This should produce a "hello world" on the bottom of the nokia's screen.

nokia_lcd_helloWorld.pde ::

// Simple test of
//   nokia 6610 lcd sheild from
// This should produce a "hello world" on the bottom of the screen.
//   I used: 
//            Freeduino V1.16, with ATMEGA328
//            Color LCD & Joystick shield for Arduino  (nokia 6610)
//            arduino IDE v17  .. should work on v11 
//            ubuntu 8.04LTS with manual ugrade of 
//                       bintutils-2.20
//                       gcc-4.3.3
//                       avr-libc-1.6.7

#include "Nokia_lcd.h"

Nokia_lcd lcd=Nokia_lcd();

void setup(void){

void loop(void) {
  lcd.cLCD_String("hello world", 30, 100, BLACK, WHITE);

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