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Work Flow to generate panormas


  • stich pics together using hugin produces tif.
  • using gimp:
    • white blance.
    • filter->enhance->sharpen; 20.
    • adjust brightness and contrast to match seen with eyes.
    • add water mark:
      • scale tif to 1920x .
      • add layer named watermark.
      • display layer tool; dialogs->layers.
      • hide, click 'eye' on background ie our pic.
      • paint layer watermark white.
      • add black text to layer.
      • filters->distortions->emboss (only works on rgb)
      • text layer 'mode' set to 'hard light'.
      • watermark layer 'mode' set to 'overlay'.
      • show background, ie our pic
      • file->save as choose xxxxx.jpg extension to convert to jpg ; export flatten.

Let's try in black and white:

this is a black and white version using gimp work flow.
open orig hugin color panorama generated tif.

  • as above, adjust photo to match what the eyes saw in life.
  • add watermark.

colors->components->channel mixer; oc=red, red 144, green -44, blue 0 (must add up to 100); monochrome,preserve luminosity.

top level subjects:

Page last modified on February 22, 2010