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this is a small version of a panorama I quickly did using hand held shots and the amazingly good free program "Hugin".

cold winterly day looking over the backend of coyote lake, they had open the damn's spillover a day or so before making the foreground 'dry'.

the winter dormant redish forground is a nice contrast to the velvety green hills and striking blues of the sky. The clouds seem to give the image a 3dish feel of depth. I like the darkness in the lower right giving a little balance to the bright sky.

the original is 7900x2000, the version posted here would fit nicely on a 1920 monitor.

Let's try in black and white:

this is a black and white version using gimp workflow.
filter->enhance->sharpen; 30.
colors->components->channel mixer; oc=red, red 144, green -44, blue 0 (must add up to 100); monochrome,preserve luminosity.

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